Easy Tortilla Soup Cheat

Ingredients for soup:

64 oz. veggie broth

1 1/2 cans stewed tomatoes with juice (14.5 oz each, so 1 1/2 cans approx. 22 oz)

1 bell pepper, roughly chopped

1 small onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, pressed in garlic press

2 1/2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 can hominy, drained

2 tomatoes, deseeded and chopped

2 – 15 oz cansblack beans, drained

Garnishes: (choose any listed that you like)

Tortilla chips are obviously a must for tortilla soup :))




Pico de gallo

Scallions or diced white onion

Black olives

1 avocado

serrano chiles, diced

Greek yogurt and/or cheese (if you even cheat and eat these ingrdients – once in a while I cheat and eat yogurt)

If you have any leftover macadamia nut cream, it would be great on this dish! 😋

1. Heat up extra virgin olive oil in stock pot on med heat.

2. When oil is hot add in bell pepper; let cook for a few mins.

3. Add in onion and sautee a few minutes, now add garlic and just mix – after a few seconds, add deseeded tomatos. Cook until tomatoes break down a little.

4. Add hominy and broth along with canned tomatoes. Let come to a low rolling boil and cook until hominy is softened.

5. Add in black beans and let cook a few minutes.

Let each person choose his or her own garnishes. (Soup is pictures above with a little fresh diced tomato and finely diced onion with a lime wedge (and an extra squeeze of lime in bowl :)), broken tortilla chips, sliced black olives and parsley (parsley wouldn’t be my usual choice, but I didn’t have any cilantro and my mother-in-law is a big believer in not plating anything without something green as a garnish. So the parsley is a tribute to her :)). It actually was prettygood with the parsley too. 😉

Note:  1) I keep this a very simple soup as far as the veggies are concerned, but there are so many possibilities; carrots, corn on the cob, make it your own, whatever sounds good to you; just make sure you account for the cook time of the vegetable that you want to add and add it at the appropriate time so that the other things, such as the black beans, don’t get overdone.

2) If you are a carnivore, before adding veggies to olive oil, you could season whatever type of meat you like with salt and pepper, sear it on both sides, remove it, follow directions from number 1-3 and add meat back in on number 4. Make sure meat is done thru before you add black beans. 🙂

Makes about 6 large servings.

Nutrtion facts (not including toppings 🙂 ):

325 calories

7.5g fat

0.9g saturated fat

1g polyunsaturated fat

4.2g monounsaturated fat

1,828.1mg sodium (this is using normal canned ingredients; if you are salt conscious, look at the sodium content in your cans; i.e., buy “reduced sodium beans”; don’t know if they sell reduced sodium hominy, but I’m pretty sure you can find reduced sodium stewed tomatoes :).)

745.1mg potassium

53.4g carbs

13.4g fiber

8.4g sugars

11.9g protein

22.4% vitamin A

50% vitamin C

9.2% calcium

20.3% iron

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