Vegan BLT

2 pc alvarado protein bread

1/2 tbsp mustard

1-2tbsp reduced fat veganaise, depending on desired fat ratio

5-6 pc Lightlife Smart Bacon (my favorite brand of vegan bacon, u can fine it near the vegan meats n cheeses in ur gorcery store)

6 slices white onion or 1/4 cup caramelized onion

1/3-1/2 haas avocado, depending on desired fat ration

2 pc green leaf lettuce, more if desired

4 tomato slices

1. Cook smart bacon until very crispy, it will taste more like bacon this way. By nature, it obviously is dry because it is not an animal product, this is great for health reasons, so if u are concerned about fat, cook it in minimal fat, however, if u only care about taste and u eat vegan for moral reasons, add a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to the pan, this will mimic the fatiness of bacon (dont overdo it, its not the greatest for u to eat lots of oil irregardless of why ur vegan 😉).

Seperately, caramelize onion if using cRamelized onion, if not, just sloce raw onion along with ur other veggies in step number 2.

2. Toast bread, slice avocado, and tomatos, (and onions if using raw).

3. Spread mayo and mustard on bread.

4. Stack bacon, tomato, lettuce and onion and enjoy!

You wont miss ur non-vegan BLT! This will do the trick just fine!

Buon appetit!