Ranch Dip

1 cup reduced fat vaganaise

1/3 cup califia almond milk you can use sweetened or unseetened, but I like unwseetened best 🙂 

2/3 tbsp onion powder

1 tbsp garlic powder 

2/3-1 tbsp rice wine vinegar (this will vary depending on if you use sweetened or unsweetened, start with 2/3 and work your way up)

2 tbsp dried parsley or  a handful of fresh chopped parsley if you want it extra amazing! 😋 (1/3 cup  + 2 tbsp fresh parsley, if using)

Salt to taste (if using unsweetened, you may not need any salt, if using sweetened, my measurement is 3/8 tsp) 🙂

Fresh cracked pepper (for peppercorn ranch, use a lot of coursely ground fresh pepper, I use 1 tbsp)

Combine above ingredients and enjoy 🙂 

Pictured on salad.

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