Pan roasted garlic

I came up with this lazy hack for roasting garlic one day. It was hot outside and i didnt want to turn on the oven, so i tried this and it worked. 😃 (please note: im not saying this is the propper way of roasting garlic; im sharing how i roast my garlic with you, hoping it will make your life easier too.)
Cover to whole heads of garlic with a generous drizzle of olive oil. Im guessing its probably about 2 tablespoons.

Heat up the skillet about a minute until the oil starts to sizzle a little.

As soon as the oil starts to sizzle, turn down the skillet to low and cook, covered, for  45-50 mins. Turn the garlic occasionally.You will see some of the garlic from inside will liquify and start to drain out. This obviously means its cooked inside, however, i would leave it the full 45-50mins to make sure the garlic’s completely roasted. 😉

Remove from heat and let cool unil it doesn’t burn your fingers to touch it.

Then cut off the pointed end of the garlic, just enough so you can see the ends of the cloves, it should look like a honeycomb pattern. You will only need to cut of about 1/4″ or so.

You could scoop the cloves out with a butter knife if you like, or if you just apply slight pressure on the outside of the head if garlic, the clove with pop out by itself.


Sahtain! (Bon appetit!) 😋