1/2 yellow onion, cut in half with skin on.

6 cloves garlic, husk removed

3 vine ripened tomatoes

3/8-5/8 tsp salt, to taste

2 serrano peppers (1 deseeded, or 1 1/2 deseeded, if you want it extra mild)

Optional variation: 

2 limes, juiced (This will make a brighter flavored salsa. It is good both ways 🙂 )

1. Heat dry cast iron and add onion, garlic, whooe tomatoes and peppers and blacken.

2. Turn ingredients over now and then so that all sides start to char. (Careful not to leave tomatoes on one side for too long because the skin will peel off and you’ll be left with naked tomatoes, not blackened ones. :)) ) onion skins will peel off, pick out (carefully) and char skin side as well.

This is how it chould look when done in skillet:

3. Add all charred ingredients, plus salt and lime juice (if using) to vitamix and blend thouroughly. (Here there are 3 serranos picutured, start with 1 whole and 1 deseeded and taste test (or if you really like it mild, 1/2 with seeds and 1 1/2 serranos deseeded), you probably will not need the third one.

NOTE: If you have time, run mixture thru a wire mesh strainer to remove seeds. If you dont’t have one, no problem. I made this and took picture at my mother in laws, so I didn’t have one when I took the picture either. :)) 

4.Salsa will be best after it has sat in fridge for a few hours, even better overnight! 😋

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