Refried beans

1 lb of beans made into “frijoles de la olla”. See recipe at this link:

A little less than 1/2 of white or yellow onion

Dash salt

1garlic clove smashed

1/3 cup canola oil

1-2 serrano peppers

A little shy of 1 cup of cooking liquid from frijoles a la olla

(reserve more for reheating later – reserve about 4 cups cooking liquid)

1 1/6 tsp salt

1. Preheat 1/3 cup canola oil in large cast iron skillet on med high heat. Throw in serrano peppers, sliced vertically, half way down the pepper, so the juices will seep into the beans.

Meanwhile, dice onion.

2. When oil is hot, add onion and cook, turning occassionally with a spatula, onions should become clear. If oil seems to hot and onion starts to brown, turn down oil a little. While onion is cooking, smash 1 clove garlic in mortar and pestle with a dash of salt to make a paste.

3. When onions are almost turning completely clear, thrown in garlic and mix with onion.

4. As soon as you smell any garlic cooking, add half of your cooked pinto beans into the hot oil.

5. Smash with a masher until the beans begin to look silky, this takes some patience.

6. Now another ladle or two of beans with some of your reserved bean broth and continue smashing until they look silky, then add another ladle and smash with a little more broth.

7. Repeat this process until you have all the beans in the skillet and continue to  mash until they start to look smooth, almost pureed. Anytime you sense the beans are beginning to dry out on the bottom, add a little more broth.

8. When all the beans look silky, let the mixture cook until the bottom starts to dry a little, scrape bottom, stir around until you get desired consistency; you want a consistency a little thicker than baby food.

9. You will probably need almost 1 cup of the cooking liquid, give or take. If beans dry out, just add more broth. If you want them creamier, add a little more oil.

10. Add salt.

Serve 1) in a taco with pico de gallo, lettuce, guacamole and macadamia nut cream 2) make into bean enchiladas 3) make into bean dip with guaca, pico de gallo, macadamia cream, black olives 4) make into taco salad, with toppings of your choice, 5) make into bean tostada, serve with salsa, macadamia nut cream, pico de gallo, guacamole and lettuce with side salad.


These quickly begin to dry out, so it is very important to reserve your cooking liquid. You can add it if beans have dried out. Just add some to the skillet and mox, let heat a little so flavors will mix.

To reheat:

Coat the bottom of large cast iron skillet with canola oil, add beans and some bean broth mix thouroughly until beans are heated and look silky.

If you have objections to oil, just add extra broth and heat thru, mixing thouroughly; however, refried beans are creamy and silky because of the oil, just be advised. :))

Pictured here as a part of a bean tostada:

(For macadamia nut cream, go to: )


Makes 8 large servings

Nutrition Facts:

193 calories

9.4g fat

0.7g saturated fat

2.8g polyunsaturated fat

5.5g monounsaturated fat

379.3mg sodium

649.9mg potassium

38.7g carbs

23.1g fiber

2.5g sugar

11.8g protein

0.3% vitamin A

11.2% vitamin C

7.5% Calcium

16.5% iron

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