img_0537Hi, my name is Kristy Alvarez. I love international cuisine.
I am not formally trained; I just love food from around the globe.
I have an auto-immune disease and find that eating vegan food helps me feel much better. I have less pain and more energy.
I am passionate about Middle Eastern and Latin-American cuisine and have some homey American comfort classics for good measure. I have adjusted my recipes to suit my vegan diet.
Cooking from scratch and organic veggies are the norm in my kitchen, it’s all so much more real that way. 😋 I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as my family and I do.

Sahtain! (Buon Appetit!)

(f.y.i. My posts are infrequent because I test my recipes so many times before posting them, but rest assured, this is an active blog, and there is much more to come!😃)